2022- Program Management & Strategic Partnerships in Arts & Culture, and Climate Change Programs - Cosmodrome
Barcelona, Spain

2022- Program Management
& Producer of Digital Experiences
- Radical Sounds Latin America Festival
Berlin, Germany

2019-2022  UX Innovation Strategist & Design Researcher  Lead - Austrian Academy of Sciences
Vienna, Austria

2019-2022   Research Affiliate - Ars Electronica
Vienna, Austria

2020  Climate Change, Health & Public Engagement Design Research Consultant  - Hetco Design
Stockholm, Sweden

2019   Design Researcher Lead - The Wikimedia Foundation 
Stockholm, Sweden

2017-2018  Research Residency - Project Leader (Research) - La Wayaka Current
Oslo, Norway

2014-2016  Creative Business Partner  -  Google
Mexico City, Mexico

2013-2014  Senior Project Manager - TERAN/TBWA
Mexico City, Mexico


The sting of the bee lingers, and the bird vocalizes a new tone  @ An(Other) South Festival.
Curated by Ale Zapata
January 2023. Vienna, Austria

The Anti Work Fair  @ Wienwoche Festival 2022. Curated by Deniz Güvensoy
September 16th, 2022. Vienna, Austria

Taking a Memory Out for a Walk  @ Ars Electronica Festival 2021
September 11th, 2021.
Linz, Austria

“An Invitation to Unuttered Rest” @ Sonic Territories Festival 2021. Curated by Mimie Maggale
July 1st-4th 2021.  Vienna, Austria

“These words are not mine, who gave them away?” @ National Library of Norway.
Curated by Hilde Maisey/ TrAP NorwayPerformance. Curated by Transcultural Arts Productions Norway. May 2021. Oslo, Norway

“The Lone Descent into a Grit of Crime Scenes” @ Archipiélagos en Red
November 22nd, 2020. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Algorithm Inventarium: methoda-thon @ Ars Electronica Festival 2020
September 11th, 2020. Linz, Austria


To be in listening: the worlds from the in-between  @ Radical Sounds Latin America Festival 2022. November 16th, 2022.
Berlin, Germany

Territorializing from Within: Protocolos para atender lo de adentro Mexico’s Secretariat of Culture -  Mother Language Day February 21st, 2021.
Mexico City, Mexico

Territorializing from Within: Protocolos para atender lo de adentro @ Radical Sounds Latin America 2020. 
Curated by Ale HopOctober 3rd, 2020.
Berlin, Germany

You are the Dream of Poles Awoken
Installation. Exhibition “Wild Within”. Curated by Sofie Iversen. July 21st - August 8th, 2018.
Guest Projects, London, UK


2022—  M.A Sound Art University of Barcelona, Spain

2020  M.Sc Sustainable Technology KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
Stockholm, Sweden

2018  Cultural Heritage and Policy in a Digital Age
The University of Bergen, Research Summer School. Bergen, Norway

2017  Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design Copenhagen, Denmark

2012  B.A. Digital Art and Multimedia Busines
CEDIM, Monterrey, Mexico


2022  Inclusion and Exclusion in Citizen Science 
Science, Technology and Society Conference
TU Graz. May 2022.
Graz, Austria.

2021  Violence: PARSE Biennial Research Conference Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg
November 2021.
Gothenburg, Sweden

2021   “Symbiotic bonds: An algorithmic Soundwalk” European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools. 13-15, September 2021.
Vienna, Austria

2020  Claiming Space Through Language: Conceptualizing a Location-Based Cultural Space Experience. GI_Forum Symposium for Geographic Information Science. July 5th, 2020.
Vienna, Austria

2019  Claiming Space Through Language: Conceptualizing a Location-Based Cultural Space Experience. 15th International Conference on Location-Based Services. November 11th, 2019. Vienna, Austria

2019 “FeedForward” @ THE Port Humanitarian Hackathon at CERN Mentor. October 10th, 2019. CERN the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Meyrin, Switzerland