Unmapping and Untracing ︎ Chapter 1, 2021

Vienna, Austria
2021 — 2022
The major goal of this workshop series is to give participants a sense they have the capacity to learn about, critique, and challenge current socio-technological ecosystems and approach technologies from different perspectives from art, sound and future-dreaming. Foregrounding the importance of empathy and practices of care, we will discuss the effects of taking a more mindful and generous approach to the places we live, and our neighbours.

Each session will deal with a different topic: Session 1: Our world and climate change
Session 2: Listening to our city - Sonic Fiction
Session 3: What is care in technology?
Session 4: Algorithms as species in our environment
Session 5: MediaFutures
Session 6: Unmapping Collective practices for our futures
Learning Outcomes
  • Participants will learn how different technologies from, recognition technologies  to biotechnologies work and also impact people and our environment.
  • Participants will engage with methods such as speculative design, sound art, mapping techniques to learn about new collective actions for the future.
  • Participants will engage and reflect on the interdependencies of our world and develop critical thinking towards new world-views and solutions .

Skills to learn
  • Visual + Sonic Methods
    • sound mixing, sonic fiction, collective radio, unmapping
  • Design Futures
  • Speculative Design and Prototyping

Envisioning Algorithmic Accountability
for Collaborative Citymaking


Number of participants: max 16 Duration: 
2.5 hours

This workshop is part of the PROVIDEDH project in the division of exploratory citizen science with the participation of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Metalab, and the community of TU Vienna. The goal of this workshop is to critically explore the role of datafication of biodiversity in the city context by repurposing databases and algorithms from an inventory perspective to a dialogue on biodiversity, the city, and personal narratives.

The workshop is divided into three stages with a duration of 2.5 hours.

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The Feminist Political Ecology of the Drug-Trade in Mexico

This article explores through feminist political ecology lens the entanglements of the environmental and social dimensions of the war on drugs in the northern region of Mexico. The new geographies being traced by drug cartels that have reconfigured Mexico’s invisible cartographies as well have shifted the power relationships that define who gets access to, or who takes control over natural resources. The intention of this paper is to provide primary explorations of a possible framework for considering the intersectionality of the ever-broadening environmental, cultural, and social factors of the drug trade in Mexico and the country’s narco-culture.

Full text here

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