Vienna, Austria
2021 — 2022
The major goal of this workshop series is to give participants a sense they have the capacity to learn about, critique, and challenge current socio-technological ecosystems and approach technologies from different perspectives from art, sound and future-dreaming. Foregrounding the importance of empathy and practices of care, we will discuss the effects of taking a more mindful and generous approach to the places we live, and our neighbours.

Each session will deal with a different topic: Session 1: Our world and climate change
Session 2: Listening to our city - Sonic Fiction
Session 3: What is care in technology?
Session 4: Algorithms as species in our environment
Session 5: MediaFutures
Session 6: Unmapping Collective practices for our futures
Learning Outcomes
  • Participants will learn how different technologies from, recognition technologies  to biotechnologies work and also impact people and our environment.
  • Participants will engage with methods such as speculative design, sound art, mapping techniques to learn about new collective actions for the future.
  • Participants will engage and reflect on the interdependencies of our world and develop critical thinking towards new world-views and solutions .

Skills to learn
  • Visual + Sonic Methods
    • sound mixing, sonic fiction, collective radio, unmapping
  • Design Futures
  • Speculative Design and Prototyping