The Ever-going-present network is a compillation of the research projects and investigative collaborations by COSMODROME led by Aleyda Rocha.

Aleyda Rocha is an artist, writer, educator, and researcher investigating practices of extractivism that expand beyond environmental interpretations. Her body of artistic work cover sound, collective listening, performance, installation, and sculpture.

She currently curates the discourse programme of Radical Sounds Latin Amerca.

She is currently based in Barcelona - Mexico City

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I can't help but wonder
when resilience ends:

Expanded ecologies of collaborative survival

In an effort to bolster counterhegemonic technologies and reflect on collaborative survival to alter the status quo by looking beyond ecologies where resilience is a mere complaint of the unbearable heaviness of systemic subjugations: When does resilience end when we are depleted?

Expanded Ecologies of Collaborative Survival explores the generation of community relations from a queer ecologies perspective where art is the medium between extractivism, affections and technology.

As a cooperative learning project, our proposal includes a series of workshops and fabulation readings open to the public to review the historical onsite about the connections between literal and social mobility, sense of environment and the balance of personal responsibility with collective action.

With these foundations, we will develop a sculptural-sound installation of the digital archive of people from historically known communities of resistance. These communities lie at the crossroads of vast national history that can be defined as one of a revolution for cultural dignity. This site-specific work is linked to wider constellations of embodiment, cycles of scarcity and repair, and landscape tides and flows inviting the audience into a space of collective repair and reflection on memory, histories, and emotions.

We will gather a collective file of metadata through sound and visual recording devices and share it onto a metaphysical space that reveals gaps, inconsistencies, and its boundness to be incomplete. Therefore, unfolding several entry points for a longer and complex conversation of archiving and narratives as part of a fragmented, ever-changing community that meshes together what is perceived as past, present, and future.

Calendar of work and the dialogue sessions

Workshops are compound by 2 sessions in conversation with specific communities aforesaid.

First month
Location 1.
Session 1: What we count is what we perceive.
Session 2: What we share is what we consider relevant.

Location 2.
Session 1: Are there connections between city-building and sound-making?.
Session 2: Reflection of sound and visual representation.

Second month
Location 3.
Session 1: Portrayal of emotional afflictions.

Session 2: A moment of freedom and connection can undo a lifetime of social conditioning.

Location 4.
Session 1: How do we turn our collective full-bodied intelligence toward collaboration
Session 2: How to expand our living experience beyond a way to survive?

Third month

Prototyping and assembling of the living archive

Based on the digital archive generated, we will culminate the residency with an in situ installation where soundscapes and digital scanning come together. Exhibition visitors and the communities themselves are invited to sit or lie down and interact, together in a series of listening sessions where we will approach and work through some of these issues together. It is a multi-layered, continuous collective reflection on the non-linearity of more than human survival to honor the existing living presences.