Unmapping and Untracing ︎ Chapter 1, 2021

Understandings of Uncertainty: Everyday data and algorithmic literacies 

10hr EDT / 16hr CEST
Thursday 21st October 2021
(2 hours duration)
Remote Workshop Series 
2021 — 2022  ︎ sign up here
Uncertainty is seen as a negative word, It should not. Uncertainty cannot be fully contained nor regulated. Dynamic engagements that take on everyday life unfold in an unpredictable way. Moreover, as humans we shift in moods, aims, and levels of intimacy, without intentionally seeking these changes. Human creativity is marked by imagination and thinking of things that were not thought of before. Creative innovations that have come to define and revolutionize the world, from music to medicine, are often marked by surprise, spontaneity, and uncertainty. Creativity, by definition, defies expectation.

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This workshop aims to foster collaborations between people across multiple disciplines through a set of central questions and techniques for exploring our notions on uncertainty. 

The focus on uncertainty helps to bring to the public sphere new questions that are often not taken up by narrowly defined, official, expert-driven discourses. We seek to mobilise understandings of uncertainty, and explore how capabilities associated with negotiating uncertainty, plurality, and incompleteness associated with the anticipatory materialising practices of data and algortigms.

During the workshop we encourage you to explore, experiment and discover. To iterate through different platforms and to practice and build your own skill-set.

Our research workshop, “Understandings of Uncertainty,” is animated by the point that everyone, just like those who study them academically and professionally, is interested in how algorithms shape our world, and how they have been positioned as a determinant for decision making. In this proposal, we provide an outline of our workshop to understand how audiences conceive uncertainty, a term politically inflected and socially produced that is constantly present when dealing with data, archives, algorithms and the quest for understanding past, present and futures.

Partners: PROVIDEDH | CHIST-ERA. Algorithm Inventarium, Metalab, ACDH-CH

Vienna, Austria
2021 — 2022
The major goal of this workshop series is to give participants a sense they have the capacity to learn about, critique, and challenge current socio-technological ecosystems and approach technologies from different perspectives from art, sound and future-dreaming. Foregrounding the importance of empathy and practices of care, we will discuss the effects of taking a more mindful and generous approach to the places we live, and our neighbours.

Each session will deal with a different topic: Session 1: Our world and climate change
Session 2: Listening to our city - Sonic Fiction
Session 3: What is care in technology?
Session 4: Algorithms as species in our environment
Session 5: MediaFutures
Session 6: Unmapping Collective practices for our futures
Learning Outcomes
  • Participants will learn how different technologies from, recognition technologies  to biotechnologies work and also impact people and our environment.
  • Participants will engage with methods such as speculative design, sound art, mapping techniques to learn about new collective actions for the future.
  • Participants will engage and reflect on the interdependencies of our world and develop critical thinking towards new world-views and solutions .

Skills to learn
  • Visual + Sonic Methods
    • sound mixing, sonic fiction, collective radio, unmapping
  • Design Futures
  • Speculative Design and Prototyping